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Air Source Heat Pumps

How Do Heat Pumps work and why use them?

Heat pumps work by pumping or moving heat from one place to another by using a compressor and a circulating structure of liquid or gas refrigerant, through which heat is extracted from outside sources and pumped indoors. This is similar to your fridge at home, just in reverse! Instead of cooling, it heats.

Heat pumps come with multiple advantages for your home. Pumping the heat uses less electricity as compared to when electricity is solely used as a means to convert it.

Heat pumps are rising in popularity in the UK, and the government recently implemented the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, incentivising the transition to green living and alternative energy usage smoother and more affordable.

Net Zero Targets

The International Energy Agency, in their latest special report, stresses that no new gas boilers should be sold after 2025 if Net Zero targets need to be achieved by 2050. Heat pumps are expected to be a better, low-carbon alternative to heating homes in the foreseeable future.

By combining heat pumps with solar panels,  you can make your home self sufficient and eco-friendly. Properly designed and installed heat pumps can be worth it, by regularly attaining more than 300 per cent efficiency.

Are you interested in getting quotes for heat pumps? Let us know about your needs and preferences and we will get back to you as soon as possible with freeno-obligation quotes.

How Much Do Heat Pumps Cost?

Heat pumps prices are usually high, taking into account the installation of the heat pump, however the costs will vary for different heat pumps. Air to water heat pump costs usually start from £X,000 and go up to £XX,000. The running costs of heat pumps depend on your household, its insulation properties and size.

These running costs are prone to be lower than the ones of the previous systems, the mere difference being what system are you switching from. For instance, if you switch from gas, this will give you the lowest saving figures.

The most important aspect when installing a heat pump system is that it’s done flawlessly with the whole home in mind, not just the heat source. With differences in terms of the produced heat level, and the specific running time of the heat pump, the installer will explain the ideal settings for your personal situation.

Our Vision

With the current world focus on renewable energy sources and everyone’s wish to reduce heating costs for the long term – our business is able to offer you the perfect heating solution for your organisation.

Renewables of Hampshire are an innovative local company and we specialise in the supply and installation of Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Panel energy and battery storage. We hope to lead the way to cleaner and more efficient hot water and heating in this county to benefit our community and preserve our beautiful countryside by protecting the environment.

We work alongside Hampshire Training and Assessments, who are one of the South Coast’s (and the country’s) leading training centres for engineers in the renewable energy sector. Our collaboration with them means that we can supply fully qualified heating professionals to install your new heating solution and scale our business to meet growing demand from our ever-increasing pool of skilled resource.

As you are no doubt aware, engineers in this sector have traditionally been scarce, but our partnership is changing all that and making the switch to cleaner supply accessible to all. We would love to provide you with a quotation for the supply and installation of any heat pump/solar energy that you might want to consider, with current increasing costs in mind.

So, with a commitment from us to deliver timely, efficient supply and installation by skilled professionals and the chance to reduce your heating bills and protect the planet, what do you have to lose in obtaining a quotation?

Please call us now on 01243 370934 or contact us by email on enquiries@renewablesofhampshire.co.uk for a quote and professional advice on your best next steps to cleaner heating and lower energy costs with no obligation.

Frequently asked questions

Your fridge uses the same basic heat pump technology to remove the heat from the food inside the ‘box’, ejecting it to the outside and keeping the food cold.

A heat pump reverses this process and extracts heat energy from the outside air, ground or water and moves that heat into your home (hence ground source or air source heat pumps).

Using the same ‘vapour compression cycle’ as your fridge to produce heat, the heat pump can take a few degrees of outside heat and upgrade it to provide all the heating and hot water you need.

An air source heat pump is essentially a ‘box’ that sits outside your home and uses an ultra-quiet fan to draw air through refrigerant piping, where the heat energy is harvested from the air.

The heat pump runs on electricity and will ‘convert’ each kilowatt of electrical energy into 2, 3, 4 or more kilowatts of heat energy. This ‘free’ energy taken from the air is replaced each day by the sun even on cold days and is therefore cleaner, renewable energy.

This depends on what system of heating you currently use as efficiencies vary, but even with a Natural gas boiler, you are likely to make significant savings.  For Oil, LPG or Electric heating the savings could be even greater.

There are a number of factors that will affect this but for a straight forward install, this could be as little as two days.

For a refurbishment, it depends whether your radiators also need upgrading, whether your water cylinder needs re-siting, where the Heat pump box will be fitted, Insulation requirements etc.

We use technology specifically designed for the UK market and we will only install a solution suited to the individual requirements of your property.

The system is capable of ‘pulling’ any latent heat in the air down to a possible -20°C. Therefore, even if it is snowing outside, you will be warm in your home.

Under new government legislation applicable since March 2022, if we supply and install a system which operates as a heat pump to your home, you pay 0% VAT.

the process for getting a heat pump installed at my property?

  • Get in contact with Heat Pumps of Hampshire by either calling, emailing, or by clicking one of contact buttons below.
  • We will arrange to speak to you at a mutually convenient time, to discuss your current installation, your requirements, and to answer any questions you may have.
  • We will then arrange a survey date and time that suits you. This can take around an hour, during which we will measure your entire property and take any details that we will need to perform the detailed heat loss calculations (this will include window opening dimensions, window type, floor type, types and thickness of insulation throughout your property).
  • Once we have this information about your property, we can undertake detailed heat loss calculation, and select the heat pump system that is best suited for you and your property’s needs. This information will be compiled, along with the quotation.
  • After sending your design information pack, we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you wish to proceed with our proposal, then we will arrange for a suitable time and date for the installation to take place an update you on how long the installation could take 
  • Upon completion of the work, we will provide end user training on how to use and operate your new system and make you aware of any maintenance requirements that are needed. We will also provide you with a handover pack which will detail all information needed on your system.
  • Support – we understand that changing to an air source heat pump may be a daunting prospect and as such we will be on hand to offer assistance and answer questions that you may have about your energy efficient system.